The BAND Group

The original thought behind the name was to form an ensemble company that brought people together from all art disciplines, theatre and more, in an attempt to band together and make some “music” together. And so the idea was to always do work that incorporated theatre with artistic disciplines of all walks and ways: Music, movement, whatever was exciting.

But the world changed in the last couple of years. In a way, the world grew larger, voices from those that need help grew louder,  and thinking about banding together just with other artists didn’t seem enough…And being a sucker for acronyms…

The Band Group became The BAND Group…

 A group that’s Beyond Acceptance, No Discrimination…

Because we’re all in this together to help one another.


By banding together with artists of all backgrounds to bring awareness toward a cause and give exposure to to other nonprofit organizations devoted to that cause, The BAND Group’s mission is to produce live theatrical productions and educational programming to help those that help others further the cause of a world that wants to move Beyond Acceptance to one that exists with No Discrimination.



Each production first begins with the cause. Some questions asked: “What is a cause that people are advocating for right now? What do people spend everyday fighting for? Does that cause help create a more benevolent, peaceful, and loving world? Is there way we can help these people through live performance?


Once that cause is found then The BAND Group finds the production to produce. This can be old, new, musical, nonmusical, funny, not funny, in English, not in English, spoken, not spoken. The aim is that the production relates to the cause, that it supports the cause, that it confronts what opposes the cause, that it creates empathy for the cause, that it can inspire support for the cause. 


Having the cause and production locked in The BAND Group searches out nonprofits in the Twin Cities and greater metro area to partner with, to learn more about the cause, to work together to raise awareness, exposure, and inspire others to help. We band together to excite people to leave the theater, get involved, and show how good your life can be if you just care.