Maple and Vine

Maple and Vine

From the outside, Katha and her husband Ryu have it all; a gorgeous Manhattan apartment, fast-paced jobs, and all the trappings of the 21st Century at their disposal. So why do they feel so ill-at-ease? A chance meeting with a stranger who looks like he stepped out of the 1950s encourages them to ditch their modern lives and join the Society for Dynamic Obsolescence; a secluded community where everyone deliberately lives as if it were still 1955. But will Katha and Ryu be able to embrace their new lives, and endure all the dark secrets hidden amongst this mid-Century idyll? Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Jordan Harrison’s sharp examination of the mores and morals of then and now takes on a new life in the face of the political and sociological tumult on the eve of the midterm elections; where the notions of an idyllic American past buts up against the compromises people make for their own slice of “The American Dream.”

For The BAND Group’s production, co-directors Adrian Lopez-Balbontin and Todd O’Dowd reimagined Harrison’s sprawling work into an intimate chamber production with alley seating on the two sides of the stage.

The cast for this production featured Julia Amundson as Katha and Gregory Yang as Ryu along with Jolie Meshbesher as Ellen / Jenna, Rob Ward as Roger / Omar, and Levi Weinhagen as Dean. Along with Mr. Lopez-Balbontin and Mr. O’Dowd, the production staff featured Kaitlyn Larsen as Production Designer and Stage Manager.

Partnering Nonprofit: As part of The BAND Group’s mission of bringing awareness, exposure, and financial support to other non-profit organizations, this production will be partnering with the Citizens League, whose mission for over six decades of bringing all different peoples to the process of making political policy has taken on a new urgency in these divisive times. Learn more about them at http://CitizensLeague.org.

Maple and Vine performed Nov. 2-5, 2018 in The Center for Performing Arts, Minneapolis