TART: An adapation of TARTUFFE



Written and adapted Adrian Lopez-Balbontin from Moliere’s Tartuffe

TART is a shockingly funny yet serious examination of hypocrisy in all its forms and a parable on the dangers of externalized and internalized oppression; all within a dazzling package of slapstick comedy, rhyming couplets, and drag numbers.

Photography Credit: Chelsea Hanvy

The BAND Group’s inaugural production reset the action from Orgon’s stately home in 17th Century France to backstage at his gay nightclub in the present day; where Orgon’s family of friends, lovers, and drag performers unite to try and save him from the “salvation” offered by the moral crusader Tartuffe. The backstage became onstage between each of the play’s five acts, with a drag performance entertaining and commenting on the action of the play.

The cast of TART featured Jex Arzayus (Damis), Sabrina Crews (Mariane), Nolan Henningson (Dorine), Kevin McLaughlin (Elmire), Todd O’Dowd (Orgon), James Satter (Officer), Parker Sera (Cleante), Courtney Stirn (Valere), Kjer Whiting (Pernelle), and Dan Britt as Tartuffe.

Directed and written by Adrian Lopez-Balbontin The production team also included Gabriel Andrews (Set Designer), Kaitlyn Larsen (Stage Manager), and Chelsea Wren (Costume Designer).

Partnering Nonprofit: RECLAIM. RECLAIM works to increase access to mental health support to queer and trans youth who are marginalized because of their gender identity, gender expression, and/or sexual orientation so they may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms.

This production ran June 1 through June 16, 2018 at the Bryant Lake Bowl, Minneapolis.